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Action Alert: State Superintendent Election, Tuesday April 4!

Vote, Vote, Vote! Wisconsin State Superintendent Election, Tuesday April 4!

Wisconsin will elect a state superintendent of public instruction on Tuesday April 4, a crucial opportunity to speak up for students with disabilities in Wisconsin!

On the ballot are current superintendent Tony Evers, and challenger Lowell Holtz.

Here’s how the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel sums up the race:

“A staunch advocate of public schools, Tony Evers will defend his seat in the April 4 election against school choice proponent Lowell Holtz.”

DPI race between Tony Evers, Lowell Holtz centers on future of education in Wisconsin (Journal Sentinel, 3/25/2017)

Tony Evers opposes special needs vouchers.
Lowell Holtz promotes “a voucher in every backpack.”

Your vote is your voice — VOTE on Tuesday April 4!



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Parent Quotes

“Special needs vouchers will take money away from public schools, money that can and should be used to support every child in that school building, money that can be used to benefit the entire school community.” — Jenny, mother from Milwaukee

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